Diamond Mine Slots (Wager2Go)

Diamond Mine is a beautiful and vibrant slot game just in the scene with 5-reels and a massive 40 pay lines for wagering. At times one has to dig deep deeper below the surface to discover the beauty and marvels beneath. Something of great value, and exactly what players should do is explained and introduced right here. Diamond Mine is an engaging slot game that has just been released and it is already destined to become a classic. It sports all the wonderful casino style features players have come to expect and it has a huge potential to award massive wins. The mobile version compliments the desktop version perfectly and serves up a royal mobile gaming experience.

Mine Theme of Diamonds

Diamond Mine video slot was created by Wager2Go and will take players into a dangerous diamond mine filled with those shiny, yet expensive little stones. Working hard and keeping the reels spinning increases the chance of winning big and unlocking some of the great bonus features that are embedded in the game. Discovering Diamond Mine slots will grant knowledge and the secrets of the mine. So why not dig deeper? Diamond Mine will take players out of their usual slot comfort zone and on to a fascinating trip inside the heart of the planet, where all the hidden treasures are waiting.

Controls & Interface

The game’s screen is occupied by a considerable reel set and bright, colourful game symbols. The gorgeous background gives players a glimpse of the mysterious dark mine, where there is a row of wagons right at the bottom of the mine. They host the various game command buttons and controls. The graphics are pretty vibrant and follow a classic style, nothing fancy, but pleasing on the eye. The game is engaging and exciting, with non-stop action from start to finish.

Wagering & Game Controls

Diamond Mine has a surprisingly fluid wagering system with a massive 40 pay lines and the standard 5-reels. There aren’t many coin sizes, but they start out at just $0.01per coin. The other sizes are $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, and up to a maximum of $1.00 per coin. The maximum betting limit increases to a respectable $40 per spin, while the minimum is $0.40, providing all pay lines are wagered upon. Diamond hunting is no easy task; nevertheless, Diamond Mine is as straightforward as one might imagine. The game controls simplify the process of putting players in familiar territory. The cash rewards and payouts are calculated according to the specific wagers players affect, combined with the symbols that land on the reels. You can increase the size of the future payouts by opting to place extra coins when wagering. Clicking the max button and going all-in at once is a daring, yet exciting prospect. The autoplay game mode incorporates into Diamond Mine is a useful addition and allows the setting of a fixed amount of automatic spins that will stop once a win is registered.

Diamond Symbols of Glory

The game is adorned with beautiful symbols that appear on the spinning reels. Look out for the shiny diamond icons as they are valuable ones. There are the first symbols, which are comprised of the following Wilderness, Diamond, Jackhammer, Mine Entrance, Miner, Mining Cart, Pickaxe and Shovel. Then there are the standard symbols which are inherently high card values. They are the numbers nine and ten, and the picture cards Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The basic pay table the game uses is mostly filled with these classic slot game symbols mentioned above.


There is a well-designed mobile version of Diamond Mine that is easily accessible through a browser. One can then save the link to a mobile device, or onto a desktop. The mobile version has been fully optimised the optimum mobile gaming. It is entirely compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices and operating systems. Using a tablet or a smartphone is a pleasurable and comfortable going experience, and the full beauty and best qualities of the game can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, as long as there is WiFi connection. The game can be downloaded to a PC or mobile device or experienced using the latest Instant Play mode, with no waiting or downloading necessary.

Summary of Diamond Mine

Diamond Mine slot has all the attributes of a premium casino game. There age good unique features and powerful symbols including a Scatter and a Wild. The bonus round, which is accessed by landing three Scatters, adds immeasurable value and enjoyment, especially with the extras winning opportunities on offer. The betting process is a straightforward and comfortable experience and navigating is simple thanks to the intuitive game controls. The mobile version does its job admirably, and the game is entertaining to play. What else? Oh, the payouts can be massive too!