Meow Money Slots

Meow Money is a cute and cuddly feline-crazy slot game with lots of exciting casino action on hand. The game has a 5-reel layout with as many as 40 pay lines for wagering purposes. The cat-inspired game symbols land on those magic and fortuitous reels and can lead to excellent payouts. The game has a streamlined and fully optimised mobile version of the game which works just as impressively as the desktop version. There are also some exceptional, unique features that add to the winning chances and provided additional action. It really is a cat-crazy time here st Meow Money slots. If you love feline action, then you’ve come to the right place. The game offers an alternative take on the usual slot game fair.

Kitty Symbols

There are multitudes of cute and cuddly, sexy looking kittens with lovely eyes! They appear on the spinning reels as the various as the variety of game symbols. There are kittens everywhere, the reels and backdrop alike. Kitty really is looking for her the cream, and she’s willing to reward tin with an impressive top jackpot prize payout in exchange. This feline-themed slot serves up a virtual pussy paradise! Starting from its fluffy leopard print backdrop to the remarkable paw marks and old fish bones dotted upon the pay lines. Three kinds of symbols grace yet game. They include the standard, high card value icons in full kitty-style! They are the numbers nine and ten. They are joined by the Jack, Queen, King and Ace cards. In addition, the higher paying symbols join the regular ones. They include the following, a Bowl Full of Money, a Cat Pendant, some Fish, a Goldfish in a Tank, a Mouse, a Skein, and the extremely cute White Kitty symbol. A Skein is a symbol depicting the loosely coiled length of thread wound around the reel.

Betting & Symbol Power

Meow Money Slots has a pleasantly smooth and fluid wagering system. There is a great variety of betting options based upon the massive 40 pay lines available for betting. The 5-reels compliment the system providing the mechanics of the game. The coin sizes dictate the betting options. There are sizes to suit all players’ bankrolls as they start out from just $0.01 per coin. Other coin amounts include $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, and up to $1.00 per coin. There are 40 pay lines, so the maximum bet amounts to a respectable $40 per spin, with the minimum being just $0.40 per wager. Players can select exactly how many lines they want to wager on and set their stakes anything between $0.01 and $1 per coin. The cat symbols pay out reasonably well, with payouts increasing as more of them appear on the pay lines. The game can easily be controlled using the on-screen buttons which are self-explanatory and intuitive to use, allowing complete customisation of play and wagering. To start to play just click the spin button on the right of the screen.

Feline Payouts

Since there aren’t many so symbols, they tend to turn up on the reels more often than usual. The payouts are more frequent, yet more modest. Nevertheless, there is a surprising amount of chances serves up. Players can expect to win between 5 and 150 times their bets when matching symbols from left to right. The cat symbols pay out somewhat more, starting out at 2 times the wager when matching two of the black and white cat icons. The fantastic thing about Meow Money Slots is that it even pays out when players land two symbols, as well as three, four or five icons.

Mobile Cats

The game is straightforward and fun to play, and since it is set up for mobile gaming, its simplicity of use will attract all kinds of players. The slot game has been fully optimised and streamlined for an exceptional mobile experience whichever device players opt to use. The quality and rich graphics really stand out on a tablet as well as a good quality smartphone. The game is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices and their respective operating systems, so players can enjoy the game wherever and whenever they wish.


Meow Money Slots has all the casino qualities slit players adore. Great unique features, bonuses and free spins along with a beautifully designed backdrop and lavishly created game character symbols. There are cars all over the place, fitting with the title, yet there is also a heavy dose of casino excitement blending into the theme. The mobile version adds excellent intensity, and the game may be downloaded to the PC or to a mobile device. Players can also choose to play the game in Instant Play mode, with no waiting or downloading necessary. The wagering process is easy enough for everyone to understand and the payouts are relatively frequent. All in all Meow Money Slots serves up a plate full of milk to please kitty so she will gift you with the Jackpot! Do you have any milk for kitty?