Getting started at 5Dimes casino is simple to do as long as you know how to use one of the many different payment methods available. There are quite a few different methods accepted, including Bitcoin, bank transfer, cashier check, credit card deposits and sportsbook transfers. No matter what type of payment method you are most comfortable with, there are at least a few options that you can make use of to complete your deposit to get started.

Credit or Debit

Both credit and debit cards are accepted at 5Dimes casino. These funding solutions are very quick and simple to use. You simply put in your card information and can initiate the payment transfer from there. Deposits with debit or credit cards rarely come with any sort of fee, and you can expect the payment to go through in just an hour or two at the most in most situations. Withdrawals are not available with cards at 5Dimes.


Bitcoin is known as a cryptocurrency and is very simple to use to send money around with. If you would like to use Bitcoin to fund your account or to pull back out of your account, you simply need to set up a wallet and use one of the available exchanges to change your cash into bitcoins that you can use to gamble with. Once you have coins loaded up into your wallet, you can easily make deposits into your casino account or pull money back out of your account using just your wallet information. Transactions are very quick and they generally won’t cost you anything at all to complete either. Withdrawals using Bitcoin are some of the fastest that you can get for online gambling. banner.gif

Cross Account Transfers

If you have a friend that’s also playing at 5Dimes, it’s possible to move money from your account to theirs, or from theirs to yours quite easily. To do this you simply need to initiate and account-to-account transfer. As long as the depositor agrees to the transfer, money will be sent from one account to the other instantly. This is handy if you already have a friend using 5Dimes and they want to give you some cash to gamble with, or if you want to encourage one of your friends to start playing there.

Bank Wire Transfer

Bank wires are available for taking money out of your account, but you want to make sure that you’re only using this payment method when you’re moving a very large sum of money from one location to another. That’s because you’ll pay $80 in processing fees in order to complete a wire transfer from your casino account.

Cashier Check

If you do not want to take your money out of your account using Bitcoin or one of the other supported transfer methods that are low cost, you’ll have to spend between $40 and $80 on a cashier’s check. This withdrawal method takes some time to get your money out, but it works well for larger amounts when you don’t have another way that you want to use for a withdrawal. These checks tend to be more affordable than wire transfers as well.

5Dimes casino offers many different payment methods for depositing money and taking it out of your account. New and existing players will have plenty of different solutions to make use of.