5Dimes Casino is a well-known online gambling establishment that brings together a bunch of different game types to create a positive and exciting gambling environment for everyone involved. The site offers a variety of different promotion types for interested players, giving them many different ways to get more for their money. Take a look below to see just what’s offered to regular players.

Deposit Bonus

Serious casino players or lotto players can make use of powerful deposit bonuses that reward huge amounts of free money. These bonuses give out up to 100% of the total deposit amount to a set amount of money. The bonuses change regularly but it’s possible to get hundreds of dollars in free gambling money just by making your deposit at the right time at this online casino.

Cash Back

5Dimes offers a variety of exciting cash back rewards that give players between 10% and 20% cash back so they can keep gambling even longer. These rewards pop up regularly and make it easier than ever to play your favorite games just a bit longer. Meet the requirements and you’ll get even more for your money.

Free Spins

Try out some of the best online slot games at 5Dimes using one of the free spin bonus rewards. These special bonuses reward players with free spins for making a qualifying deposit or playing a game for a certain amount of time. Unlock your free spins today and start playing one of the slot games without paying for it.

Poker Freerolls

Serious poker players understand the value of freerolls. These are tournaments that don’t cost anything at all to enter. You simply sign up for them and then enter into the tournament to begin playing. It’s simple to join them and there is real cash and other tournament entries on the line with most of these opportunities.

Bad Beat Jackpot

Players that suffer particularly bad losses in poker are entered into a jackpot drawing for a second chance to win with this cool promotion. That means by being a loser you could actually become a winner. Many players take advantage of this promotion and use it to make their gambling a bit more lucrative.

Withdrawal Promotions

There are special free withdrawal period promotions from 5Dimes casino once and awhile. They make it completely free to pull money out of the casino on specific days or time periods for part of a day. During these crucial times it’s possible to withdraw money without spending any of it in the process.

5Dimes Flash Casino has a wide variety of promotions available for its players to make use of. There are promotions for depositing money, for withdrawing money, for gambling and for losing. There are promotions for most activities at the casino, giving you more ways to win.