World Series Odds & Picks

Peak summer is here and the 2019 MLB season is in full swing. October is really just around the corner which means that the 2018 MLB season is right at the heart of the season making it the absolute perfect time to check in on all the very latest 2018 World Series odds and tips. The best 2018 World Series Odds and Picks are as follows; Yankees +410, Astros +485, Red Sox +675, Nationals +775, Cubs +880, Mariners +1200, Brewers +1250, Indians +1435, Dodgers +1550, Diamondbacks +1700. Here is a quick rundown on the odds for the various teams.

Betting Favourites: Yankees +410

The Yankees are on course to win 111 of their games this season. That is way more than any other MLB team. It does not stop there, as the record for home runs in a single season belongs to the 1997 Mariners with a total of 264. These Yankees are on pace to make a whopping 268! These A-Rod Yankees are the real thing and will undoubtedly be for the foreseeable future.

The Smart Bet: Nationals +775

The Washington Nationals have been pretty inconsistent this season, but after starting off 4-0, the Nats fell below .500 for the best part of April. It took right until the middle of May for the team to finally bounce back. The Nats are placed second in the National League East and also the NL. With a full and fit lineup, the team will start to turn heads this October.

Long Shot Bet: Dodgers +1550

Lefty ace Clayton Kershaw is ready to return to rotation and threw a three-inning simulated game at the Wrigley Field recently. Kershaw then pronounced himself fit to take a turn within the rotation. It may take as much as a week for the ace to return to the team for the Dodgers with a Triple-A warm-up stint at Oklahoma City. Kershaw has not pitched in a live game since last May 31. He had left the game after five innings when his back started giving him trouble and tightened up. That was his first game after returning back from a left bicep tendinitis problem that put him on the DL last May 6.

Betting Favourite: Houston Astros +550

There are so many different reasons to believe that the Houston Astros will repeat their feat the as World Series Champions. Nonetheless, there are two reasons to believe that the Astros will not repeat it. Firstly, it is virtually impossible; secondly, it just does not happen that often. Houston still does not have a legitimate closer. Ken Giles was benched in the last World Series, and the tactics Houston used to beat the Dodgers won't work this season in the American League Playoffs.

The Smart Pick: Chicago Cubs +850

The Cubs have had a really decent season in 2017. They managed to make it back to the National League Championship Series. One would think that they would not switch things up similarly in 2018. The Chicago Cubs will not rest on their laurels. Chicago won the Yu Darvish sweepstakes, and that alone makes them a valid contender to win the National League again this season. With Darvish, the Cubs certainly have two legitimate and ace pitchers in both Darvish and Jon Lester. The Cubs have also got two legitimate B pitchers, who are Jose Quintana and Kyle Hendrick. That is not the only reason to love the Chicago Cubs. They traded for Brandon Morrow, transforming him into their prime closer. If that works out, Chicago could return to the glory of their 016 World Series season.

Long-shot Pick: Arizona Diamondbacks +3000

The Arizona Diamondbacks may just challenge the L.A. Dodgers supremacy in the wild NL West. They boast a dominant starting rotation, and Arizona’s offensive is at par with the Colorado Rockies’ offence. Expect Arizona to have a great chance of winning the NL West Division title. If they do win it, expect Zack Greinke to be impossible to get past during the playoffs.