Whether you’re brand new to 5Dimes online casino, or you’re an experienced veteran, there’s always a chance that you’ll have a question that you need answering. Fortunately there are several different help methods available for players that aren’t sure about something. If you run into an issue just use one of the several different customer support solutions to get help quickly and easily to resolve the issue.


The comprehensive FAQ section has a list of common questions and the answers to those questions. When you have a standard question about games, payment methods or one of the other basic features of the 5Dimes website, look at the FAQ section before getting in touch with customer support. Most standard questions are answered here so that you can get your answer faster and get back to gambling.

Live Chat

When the FAQ section doesn’t have your answer, the Live Chat solution may be the best option instead. Live chat offers a live representative that talks through a chat console. Type out your question to this person and they will respond to it with a written explanation in just moments after receiving your question. Live chat is quick and convenient to use, representatives are usually available and they will give you answers to your question fast. You can ask the representative multiple questions and will have a chance to ask for clarification if you aren’t sure about an answer that you’re given by the expert.


For players that don’t want to deal with live chat or for those that aren’t on when live chat is available, e-mail is another customer support option. Use the support email address to ask a question and you’ll receive a response back within a day’s time. This support method is a bit slower, but many player prefer to use e-mail for their help needs and find that they can understand the answers just fine and resolve their issues without a problem.


The most direct help option that we offer at 5Dimes is a live phone number. Give the number a call and talk with one of our support staff members right over the phone. You can discuss your problem in real time without any typing, and hopefully you’ll get a solution from the chat with the representative as well.

There are enough support methods available for most players to get the help that they need. If you have a question that you want answered about 5Dimes, contact customer support and you should be able to get the answer that you need quickly and easily.