Sacred Realm Slots

Sacred Realm takes players right into the heart of the enchanted forest in search of hidden treasure and riches. The hunt is on, and players have 40 pay lines and 5-reels as their ammunition and weapons to defeat the evil residing within the dreaded forest of mystery. Players can expect plenty of hot casino action and wagering madness. The symbols are a joy to behold, animated and amusing, lending much excitement to the spinning reels of fortune. The game serves up a whole bunch of unique features and bonuses along with free spins, a Wild symbol and a Scatter icon to add to the intense action.

Sacred Wagering in the Realm

The betting process of Sacred Realm is a pleasure to use and is easily operated by using the on-screen game control buttons, located just below the reels. The coin values add the variety of betting options and start out from a low $0.01 per spin. There are several other coin values in between the lowest and highest value coins. They consist of the following coin values, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50. The top value coin is worth $1.00; therefore the game offers a maximum bet of €40 per spin and a minimum bet of $0.40 per spin. The wide variance of betting options is sure to attract all types of players, whether novices or high-rollers. Betting the maximum limit undoubtedly increases the chances of gaining a high winning payout, as the probs over are significantly improved. Players are only permitted to wager one coin on each of the 40 pay lines.

Enchanted Symbols

Sacred Realm Slots serves up a colourful collection of character symbols that appear upon the reels during regular play. There are the higher paying game icons which include the ornate Chest, an evil Demon, graceful Fairies, the enchanted, secret Forest, some Mushrooms and the Sacred Realm logo. They are accompanied by the regular symbols which consist of high poker card symbols including the number Ten, the Jack, the Queen, the King and the Ace card. All the symbols blend into the rich theme and increase the intensity of the game and pervading atmosphere. The regular card symbols appear rather frequently on the reels, with the higher paying ones less so. Nevertheless, the game provides multiple chances to win a payout of sorts. All the action takes place on those 5-reels, and the game symbols provide the casino action and winning opportunities.

Special Features

Sacred Realm has some exciting, unique features built into the game that provide additional winning chances. There is the powerful Sacred Realm logo, which leads to extra games and free spins. The Scatter symbol needs to land on at least three reels, and if it does, players go to another screen where the free spins will commence. Players are given free spins according to the number of Scatter symbols that end up landing on the reels. The Wild of the game will replace any other symbol bar the Scatter. As it does so, it creates winning combinations leading to boosted payouts. Both the Wild and Scatter symbols are the ones to keep an eye out for, as they provide the best chances of winning a large payout.

Mobile Realm

The mobile version of Sacred Realm slot is a fantastic and smooth operator! It is intuitive and easy to access and use. It has been streamlined explicitly for optimum and brilliant mobile gaming. Whether using a tablet or a smartphone, iOS, Android, or Windows mobile device, the game works flawlessly. It is fully compatible with most modern day operating systems, and the graphics come across vividly and clearly. The game may be played in Instant Play mode, or downloaded to a mobile device or the PC. Whichever option players choose, the end result is the same excellence.


Sacred Realm Slots enters the realm of the unknown and takes players deep into the dark heart of the forest in search of hidden treasure and untold riches. The game has a wonderfully simple wagering system that can be controlled by the game buttons. They include useful features such as Max Bet and an AutoPlay button. The latter allows players to set a fixed number of automatic spins, sit Back and wait for a winning combination to turn up on the spinning reels of fortune. The free spins add the extra casino action, and the Wild and Scatter features provide that little bit extra that players will surely appreciate. The mobile version is fully optimised and offers an elegant experience and the freedom to play at leisure. The wagering options are vast enough to be of interest to all players whatever their bankrolls. The symbols add to the overall atmosphere of the game and provide the vigorous action on the reels. Why not enter the Secret Realm and claim the treasure residing there. It’s yours for the taking!