Lab Rats Slots

The casino is full of rats! The Lab Rats are running amok, creating havoc, mayhem and destruction in the casino. Your delicate task is to eliminate the vermin and restore order within the casino. With 5-reels and all of 40 pay lines for wagering, players are in for a real treat with Lab Rats slots. The theme is richly presented and creatively designed to provide a superb background beyond the reels. The wagering is wide, and there are multiple options on the table that will be of interest to high-rollers and novices alike. The game’s objective is to use a number of given chances, or choices, up to seven of them is the max. Players will need to uncover seven out of the eight possible options on offer. They each have hidden values, so the wins can really mount up. Players get to select at random, using up all their seven chances to claim all the rewards hidden beneath.

Wagering Rats

The betting system utilised in Lab Rats slots keeps things simple and streamlined. The process can be ably controlled by using the on-screen buttons located right under the centrally located reels. They afford complete customisation of the game and accurate control over the wagering system. The complete list of coin sizes are $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, and $1.00. Since there are 40 pay lines, then the maximum betting limit is a substantial $40 per spin, consisting of a coin worth $1 wagered upon each pay line. The sheer variety of bets are impressive, which is hardly surprising considering the massive amount of pay lines numbering 40. All the winning combinations pay out from the left-hand side of the screen, and the wins come fairly frequently, if modestly. Nevertheless, it does create the excitement of winning!

Lab Rats Bonus Round

The only game symbol that pays every way is the mighty Scatter. Furthermore, all the Scatter wins are multiplied by the total payouts and added to the pay line wins. Landing three, or more Scatters on the pay lines means the bonus round gets triggered and the real fun is about to start. Each pay line that is selected will award only the highest wins. The wins emanating from the Bonus game will be added to the pay line wins as well as the Scatter winning payouts. Any malfunctions that occur will cancel out all plays and gameplay. Once the Scatter activates the bonus round, players will savour the real casino action. Players will need to get a minimum of three Scatters, of course, but once they do, the possible winning chances are increased exponentially.

Symbols of Lab Rats

The symbols used in Lab Rats slots are a hilarious collection of characters and every time the end up on the reels, the expectations get higher and better. They are indeed a colourful bunch and players will see icons such as a Female Scientist, a Lab Injector, the Lab Rats game Logo, the obligatory Mad Scientist, his Microscope, a horribly Mutant Dog, a Mutant Monkey, a Mutant Parrot, a Mutant Rabbit, and even Mutant Rat. Making up the list there is a Syringe and some Test Tubes. They are a lively and animated bunch and the power symbols, the Wild and Game Bonus symbol, which is also the Scatter of the game age the ones to keep an eye on, as they lead to the best and highest payouts of the game.

Mobile Version of Lab Rats

The Rats are live on mobile. It is fully compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices and their respective operating systems. It can be downloaded to the player’s tablet or smartphone. Alternatively, the game may be enjoyed using the latest and most convenient system Instant Play. There is no need to wait or download using Instant Play, which is based on Flash technology. The mobile version has exceptional graphics, and the small screens bring out the crisp and clear sound and visual effects of the game. The game will load up super-fast, and choosing the Instant Play option speeds up that process even more.


Lab Rats slots has some neat touches such as the reel symbols changing with respect to the bonus round game. Unusually, during the bonus game, the symbols do not reflect the same values as during the main round. In any event, the Scatter, Wild and bonus games are excellent inclusions as they serve up more action and winning possibilities. The symbols are wonderfully depicted on the reels and a nice touch. The mobile version of Lab Rats Slots is a stylishly designed version, every bit as impressive as the desktop PC version. Lab Rats slots has all those pay lines which provide a kaleidoscope of bets for all types of bankrolls. The game is incredibly engaging and exciting. It has all the wonderful special casino features mingled with hot casino action and a fantastic theme. Lab Rats slots really does deserve a go, and it may even reward you with the maximum payout!