Tarzan Slots

The legend of Tarzan is known to everyone and has been the subject of books, movies and games on numerous occasions. Tarzan slots manages to harness and capture the essence of the timeless story. The game has a standard layout of 5-reels and a large number of pay lines numbering 40. The symbols are all influenced by the jungle and the Tarzan story. There are some fantastic unique casino features for players to dig their teeth into including free spins with multipliers. The mobile version is just as impressive and efficient as the PC version, and it provides all the advantages the mobile medium has to offer. The game provides all the necessary ingredients that make up a superb slot gaming experience. The game features, controls, symbols and wagering are all slot on. The game is extremely fun and enjoyable to play and can provide hours of entertainment with a minuscule bankroll.

Tarzan's Wagering System

Tarzan slots has a lively and vibrant look about it. The theme may not be original, but the gameplay certainly is. The wagering process is so natural to use that players will be pleasantly surprised. The betting options start at 1 cent and increase proportionally like so $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, and the highest coin value reaches $1. The maximum betting limit is a highish $40 per spin, while the minimum is just 40 cents. Beginners and novices can take pleasure in the penny wagering. High-rollers, on the other hand, can bet the high $40 limit for each spin of the reels.

Game Controls

Tarzan slots can be easily controlled by using the game specific buttons conveniently located on the screen. They are located just below the reels, and they are all comfortable and intuitive to use. They offer players the chance to customise the game and accurately control all the wagers. The AutoPlay button is a useful and convenient addition as it allows players to fix a set number of auto spins which will stop the second a winning payout is registered.

Tarzan's Symbols of the Jungle

Tarzan slots has plenty of exciting game icons that appear upon the spinning reels when the game is played. There are several wild animals including a Cheetah, a Crocodile, an Elephant, a Gorilla, a Tiger, Tarzan himself, Tarzan's girlfriend Jane, and the Tarzan game logo. Besides the above, players will encounter the standard symbols which are high poker card values, Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. They are beautifully designed and crafted to produce great entertainment as well as casino thrills. The creativity of the symbols designs are commendable and make a significant difference by adding the icing on the virtual cake.

Special Jungle Features

Tarzan serves up a Wild symbol that can and will substitute any regular symbols to create winning ones and hefty payouts. It also pays out handsomely in its own right when more than two land adjacent to one another on the reels. The other powerful game symbol is the Scatter, which activates the free spins games once three or more end up on the reels. Once the free spins are activated, players will receive a number of free games in accordance with the amounting Scatters that land on the reels.

Mobile Tarzan

The mobile version of Tarzan slots has been modified to fit tablet and smartphone screens. The graphics will stand out clearly and vibrantly. The game loads up swiftly, and players can access the game using Flash technology based Instant Play mode for added convenience and minimal waiting time. Players can download all the mobile games to their device or desktop PC. The game has been designed to work smoothly with any modern day tablet or smartphone, wherever iOS, Android, or Windows versions and their respective operating systems. The charity of graphics and quality of sound effects is impressive for a mobile game, which means the developers have given due importance to the mobile version of the game.


Tarzan slots is a swirl through the jungle with his faithful companion Jane by his side. Wild animals and dangers are at every turn, yet the jungle hides treasure besides the fierce and dangerous animals. The betting process is vast and varied enough to interest every player, and the symbols are colourful and engaging. The game pays out rather frequently but somewhat modestly. The high payouts come with the Wild and Scatter symbols along with the free spins and their attached multipliers. The mobile version is a breath of fresh air with its simplicity of use and intuitive controls. All in all, Tarzan slots delivers an exceptional online casino gaming experience. The game is versatile and accessible to all. It has many strengths and hardly any weaknesses. Discover Tarzan as you've never seen him before! Up in the trees swinging from branch to branch, Tarzan slots is here to stay!