Scuba Fishing Slots

Scuba Fishing is a fun new slot with 3-reels along with a considerable number of ways to win, 27! The theme is seeping in underwater symbolism and an abundance of sea creatures great and small. The symbols are a wild bunch of characters that pop up on the reels to combine into winning payouts. The game offers plenty of high-octane casino action with the inclusion of some great special features. They include the lively Wild, represented by the fierce Shark icon. It magically appears to replace the other symbols thereby configuring winning combinations and gifting players high payouts. If you love the underwater sea life, then Scuba Fishing Slots is the game for you. Factor in the soothing and relaxing music and the atmospheric sea theme, the game has a lot going for it.

The Fishing Task

The objective is to take as many photos of the beautiful sea life as possible. Should the Wild turn up, then you are in for a surprising reward. Nevertheless, the regular game symbols create the bread and butter wins, which come far more frequently than the higher paying ones. The atmosphere is intense and immersive, which is the ideal backdrop for all the wagering action. The 27 ways to win, contribute the wow factor that is sorely missing from most other slots if this nature. With fishes of all species swimming all around, the task is not an unpleasant one, far from it! RTG has always had a sterling reputation, and with Scuba Fishing Slots they are in uncharted, innovative territory.

Betting Beneath the Waves

Scuba Fishing Slots serves up a smooth wagering system what is pretty intuitive and easy to use thanks to the on-screen game buttons. The betting is relatively straightforward, with 3-reels as the basis. The bet value is just $0.01, and several different betting possibilities are reaching a satisfyingly high maximum bet limit. The classic 3-reel and 3-row layout is a familiar feature, yet the sheer number of betting options are awe-inspiring. The highest payout is an incredibly generous 7,500 times the wager! It stands to reason, therefore, that the high the bet amount, the more massive the potential payout. Moreover, betting the maximum limit attracts better possibilities to win a hefty payout.

Underwater Symbols

Scuba Fishing is understandably loaded with fishy icons, underwater symbolism and a feeling of tranquillity that can only be experienced under the surface of the ocean, deep in the depths of that mysterious and uncharted territory. The aquatic game icons take in multiple species of fish, an Actinia, a bright white Pearl Clam, green Seaweed, the aforementioned Wild Shark symbol, the orange Starfish, a blowfish, a red snapper, the yellowfin tuna and the valuable Treasure Chest.

Special Features & Wild Shark

From all the graceful symbols adorning the game, the Shark is the one to watch out for. Landing the Shark Wild anywhere on the reels ensures magical and bountiful winnings. It can, and will replace the standard symbols of the game to create winning pay line combinations and hefty payouts. That powerful Shark will expand to encompass the whole reel, boosting potential payouts as it does so. When it sticks to the reel, it automatically gifts players a free spin. The remaining two reels spin in a different manner, changing the tempo of the game, and the payout possibilities. The Wild Shark pays out of its own accord if two or more of them land upon the spinning reels of fortune. They will spin with icons depicting a marlin fish upon them.

Scuba Mobile Fishing

There is a brilliantly structured and designed mobile version of the game that has been fully-optimised and streamlined for optimum mobile gaming. Using a smartphone or tablet brings out the graphical excellence and excellent intrinsic qualities of Scuba Fishing slots. The game works supremely on most modern mobile devices, and it is fully compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. Players can opt to play the slot game using the latest Flash technology-enabled Instant Play mode, which allows players to just click on the icon and play without having to wait. There is another option on the table, to download the game to the player’s mobile device or even the PC. Both alternatives offer the same exceptionally high quality and a supreme gaming experience.


When it comes to lavish underwater themes, it doesn’t get any better than Scuba Fishing Slots. The atmospheric sea theme is an asset to the game as it provides the perfect backdrop for the exciting and intense wagering. The betting itself serves up a wide variety of betting options to suit every player’s bankroll. The wagering is controlled via the easily accessible game buttons located on-screen close to the central reels. They allow players to customise play and set the bets. The inclusion of the useful AutoPlay button is a touch of convenience and comfort as players can just sit back and take it slow and easy while the reels spin automatically. Scuba Fishing slots also has such a simple wagering process that all players can easily control by using the individual on-screen buttons. Nevertheless, the game serves out rather high payouts, and the bonus feature is impressive. The symbols all blend in beautifully with the marvellous theme, and the theme itself is totally immersive and atmospheric. Players will love the variety this game offers, and there is a lot of fun to be had playing it, along with potentially substantial winning payouts. The line wins occur quite frequently, especially with the lower paying game icons. Although they are rather modest, they add the intense excitement of winning chances more often than on average, so the game becomes more adventurous. The mobile version is a stylishly set up game which plays perfectly on most mobile devices without any hitches or glitches, and it loads up really quickly as well. You really should try out this new and innovative slot by RTG Gaming. Scuba Fishing is darned fun and serves up multiple winning opportunities. Go for it!