Mighty Spins Slots

Mighty Spins slots is a new game that packs a powerful punch. It has 5-reels that accommodate the symbols as they land, and there are quite a few pay lines, all 40 of them. The theme encapsulates all the beautiful qualities of slot games of quality. The wagering is a pleasant experience and easy to control thanks to the on-screen game buttons. The mobile version of the slot game serves up yet another dimension and allows players the luxury and freedom to play the slot game whenever they feel like it. The mobile version is a streamlined version of the desktop one and works beautifully on all mobile devices.

Superhero Theme

The theme of the game is a loose take on superheroes of the past such as Superman and Spider-Man. The cartoonish atmosphere and prevailing theme are both retro and modern with a touch of the dramatic. The colour and vibrancy of the game add to the pleasure of gambling and wagering. One almost forgets this is a casino game, but not the long! The game has enormous potential to pay out handsomely especially if betting the maximum limit of $40 per spin. That can trigger the highest payout. The theme is almost reminiscent of Clark Kent and Superman with its cartoon characters and bombastic style. It certainly adds to the allure of the game and the excitement of the wagering process.

Mighty Wagering

The action and thrills take place on the reels where the symbols land to create winning combinations. The controls allow accurate customisation of the whole betting process and the variety of coin values serve up the betting options. Players can wager one coin per pay line. The coin values commence at just 1 cent and rise as follows $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, and up to a high of $1.00 per coin. Betting on all the pay lines is advisable as it increases the probabilities of triggering higher winning payouts. The maximum betting limit rises to $40 per spin, while the minimum is $0.40 per spin. Since there is such a wide variance of betting options, novices and high-rollers will enjoy the game to the full. The game controls that are on the screen below the reels allow the player to regulate and set the exact wager amount. The coins and pay lines may be selected and there are other useful controls like AutoPlay and Bet Max that provide a smooth and easy control of the game and the betting process.

Symbols of Superpower

The theme is populated by all kinds of superheroes and speech bubbles, like in the funny papers and comics. It adds to the adventurous theme, and the symbols really are impressive. The unique features hinge on the Scatter, which activates the free spins and bonus round of three of them end up on the reels. The free spins add the flavour to the tasty cake. The amusement the character symbols create as they pop up here, there and everywhere is entertaining as well as potentially lucrative. All the symbols look as though they have been crafted and created with love and care. They really stand out for their original design and retro looks. It’s a shame there aren’t more of them as they are very well suited to the game and gameplay process.

Mobile Heroes

Mighty Slots embodies all that is great about superheroes and brings them all together in this wonderful game. The mobile version keeps the theatrical qualities of the graphics and is faithful to all the game features. The mobile version works perfectly on modern day smartphones and tablets whether iOS, Android, or Windows versions and their respective operating systems. The game can be played in the full glory of Instant Play with no waiting or downloading necessary. Yet there is also the option of downloading the game to a mobile device or a PC, it’s up to the player to decide, but the quality is the same whichever option they choose. The colourful graphics come across as bright and cheerful with a vibrancy hardly seen with slot games, especially on a mobile version.


Mighty Spins slots packs a powerful punch. All the force and strength of the superheroes are behind every spin of the reels. The game has a great theme which slot players will find enjoyable as well as rewarding. The wagering is satisfying, and the free spins increase the potential of high payouts. The mobile version is a worthy and useful addition and allows players more comfort. The theme, symbols, wagering and mobile version, are all given due importance. The game can pay out quite frequently, and the symbols are landing to create a win is an unmissable experience, as is the game as a whole. Why not give it a spin and experience a modern and traditional slot game with a lot going for it.