Martian Money Slots (Wager2Go)

The red planet Mars is the star of Martian Money, a brand new slot game with 5-reels and 3 pay lines. Players can revel in the planetary theme and outer space atmosphere, where no one can hear you wager! The game has a Star Trek/Star Wars influence, and the Martian alien is impressive and amusing. The symbols are a collection of planets and stars with different shapes and sizes. There is a mobile version of Martian Money that goes together with the standard desktop version, and the game serves up a host of spaced/out unique features, free spins, Wilds and Scatters. The wagering takes in minuscule bets and higher ones to please every kind of player and their individual bankrolls. The symbols really add to the immersive atmosphere and the wagering process provides all the casino action. Microgaming has come up with a pure and enjoyable slot game with excellent casino excitement and multiple winning chances.

Symbols from Outer Space

The space-age symbols consist of a few different coloured planets, and there are not many of them. This works in the player’s favour, as they appear on the reels more frequently and pay out quicker, if modestly. Nevertheless, there is fun and action from the outset, and once the special symbols start kicking in and appearing more frequently, so too will the winning payouts. Another symbol is the blazing rocket icon with large windows. There are some strange spherical objects, aliens and the Martian with three eyes. They all add to the vigorous action upon the reels, and they are well designed and crafted. Once the wagering starts, the symbols take on more importance and significance as they start lining up on the pay lines and creating winning combinations.

Martian Scatter

The Martian is the key that will get players into the free spins round. Players will need to land three of them on the reels, and that activates the round and starts players off on their free spins journey. The free spins may be reactivated, and that could lead to the round continuing indefinitely. The free spins are welcome and provide players with that little bit extra.

Wild & Jackpot

The Wild symbol has the unique power to substitute any other symbol apart from the Scatter. The highest jackpot is a whopping payout of $5,000 and players can win from 1,000 to 2,500 coins with lands on the first, second, third and fourth lines. The six winning combinations of the game and the payouts are varied. Landing three planet symbols win 4 credits, three purple ones earn 10 credits, three yellow planet wins a payout of 40 coins, three red planets pays out 60, and three missile symbols pays 80 coins. Three of the valuable Martian symbols wins a fantastic payout of 1,000 to 5,000 coins depending on the amount and value of the coins wagered.

Wagering in Space!

Martian Money offers the possibility of staking 1 to 5 coins on each pay line. The wagering is affected upon the 5 pay lines as well as the 3 reels. There are several coin values that players can choose from starting from a base amount of $0.25 per coin. The values rise bit by bit to a maximum coin value of $5 per coin. This means the maximum bet amounts to $125 per spin, comprising of 5 coins of maximum value on each of the three pay lines. The minimum is just $1.25 per spin, with one coin on all five pay lines. Betting the maximum amount is a good idea if players are aiming for the jackpot. It is a prerequisite and also increases the probabilities of higher payouts. The jackpot can pay out as much as $5,000, so is worth a shot. The option of bets the game serves up will be welcomed by players with varying bankrolls and preferences.

Set the Controls for the Heart of Mars!

The wagering process can be controlled by using the game buttons conveniently located at the base of the screen under the reels. The game offers players the chance to customise play and accurately control the betting. Among the many useful buttons, players will find a Bet One button and Max Bet and AutoPlay buttons, which are valuable additions and add to the convenience of control. The Spin button sets the reels of fortune in motion, and the action can begin. The symbol to watch out for is the Martian icon, as it pays out the best with a 5,000 coin bonanza. Since the Martian is the Wild of the game, it will pay out handsomely in its own right. It also has the unique power to replace the other regular symbols to create winning payouts. The paytable and logo are centrally located on the screen, with the logo written in garish letters resembling monster tentacles of some alien from another planet.

Verdict of Martian Money

Microgaming has pulled a rabbit out of the hat with this space-age slot adventure. The theme is brilliant and fits the theme beautifully. The game never loses touch with its casino instincts and the gambling activity is present from start to finish. The unique features of eating Wild, Scatter and free spins add that casino magic to the thematics of space and exotic touch. The wagering is bolstered by the full range of betting options not usually found on such a game. The symbols are a joy to behold, and the game pays out satisfyingly if one has the patience to stick it out. This game is different and better for it. Find out why and try your hand at Martian Money slots from outer space. That $5,000 jackpot is very down to earth!