Rock Climber Slots

If you are looking for a completely different type of slot, then Rock Climber provides a fantastic casino gaming experience. The pay lines offer a substantial 40 option, and there are 5/reels where the symbols fall. The theme is a wonderful, athletically themed game that has some bright character symbols and immersive qualities. For fans of rock climbing, the game offers a pleasant alternative to other slots which don’t even come close to this one. The game is a dangerous and extravagant climb up to the peak of the mountain, with the ultimate prize being the highest game payout. The theme is unusual and innovative providing an alternative slot experience to the multitudes of others on the scene. The mountain background with the mysterious and fearsome Yeti monster up in the snowy mount capped peaks provide cinematic adventure and an exciting game flow. The theme is marvellously atmospheric and immersive with a lovely feel to it when wagering. The game has the heart full of adventure and a soul made in casinoland!

Rocky Symbols

Rock Climber Slots does, in fact, have a Rock Climber symbol along with a host of another related iconography. Expect to find the Blue Crystal, a Camping Tent, a Prit of rugged Climbing Boots, a climbing Grappling Hook for the ropes, a Green Crystal, a climber’s Helmet and a coil of Climbing Rope. There is also an Ice Axe, a Purple Crystal, a Red Crystal, the Rock Climber Logo, the titular Rock Climber, a Yellow Crystal, and the monstrous Yeti. They fit the theme beautifully and create all the action on the reels. When winning combinations turn up, the sound effects combine to create an atmospheric and dramatic impact.

Wagering on the Mountain

Rock Climber slots provides a well- designed and laid out wagering system. It is controlled by using the game buttons which are easily accessible on the screen. The bets can be set using these buttons, and the 40 pay lines accommodate the coins to make up the wager amount. The coin values are varied and start out from just $0.01. They consist of the following other values, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, and rise up to a rather high maximum coin value of $1 each. Only a single coin may be put on each pay line, and that creates a maximum bet of $40 per spin, by betting the maximum coin value of $1 on each pay line. The minimum wager is just $0.40 a turn. Novices will enjoy the penny wagering options, while the upper limit of $40 is enough to attract some high-rollers as well. When factoring in the ease of use and control, the wagering process cannot be bettered. It has a fine choice of bets and a fluid flow with accurate control afforded for the all important betting. Players can easily change the coin sizes between each spin if they so desire.

Features & Free Games

The Scatter and Wild symbols are the powerful ones to watch out for. When the Wild lands, it can replace regular symbols to create winning combinations and payouts. The Scatter leads to the free spins and random multipliers. Three Scatters trigger the bonus free games, and the multipliers are attached to Abu emanating wins from the free spins, which can also be reactivated indefinitely. Once players get a taste of the free games and multipliers, they will come to appreciate the game all the more as the payouts start increasing and getting better and more lucrative.

Mobile Rock Climber

The mobile version of Rock Climber slots is just as impressive as the desktop mainstay. The mobile game has been carefully prepared and modified to work exceptionally well on any modern-day mobile device, whether it is a tablet or a smartphone. The graphics have been designed to stand out beautifully on a mobile device, and the game loads quickly and smoothly. The game can be played with the comfort of Instant Play mode, which allows players to click or tap on the game and play straight away without having to wait or download the game. It can also be downloaded to a mobile device or to the desktop if players prefer.


Rock Climber is an exciting and almost cinematic slot game with a great collection of game symbols that really add intensity and vigorous action to the reels whenever they appear. Winning payouts are accompanied by atmospheric sound effects to increase the dramatic impact of the win. The mobile version is designed in a modern, stylish and efficient way with a lovely layout. The atmosphere and symbols are combined with the wagering process with excellent effect, and the game is intense and engaging to play, never becoming boring or repetitive. Rock Climber slots deserves a try, and it can reward that one try with one hefty payout! Why not give it a go and experience a premium and entertaining slot gaming experience.