Martian Money Slots

Microgaming has come up with an alien flavoured slot game aptly entitled Martian Money! With a classic 3-reel and 5 pay line set up, the game follows a tried and tested format with a hint of excitement and an element of anticipation. With attractive, unique features and interstellar symbols such as the Purple Planet, the Red Rocket, or the Yellow Planet, slot fans will love the creativity and gameplay. All the winning combinations pay out from left to right on the adjacent reels, apart from the Scatter, which pays all ways. Each selected pay line will award only the highest win. All the Scatter wins are multiplied by the total payouts and added to the pay line wins. Free game wins are also on offer and added to the pay line winning payouts along with the scatter wins. It’s all here. Let’s take a better look at what’s on offer, shall we?

Theme & Gameplay

Martian Money will propel players into outer space to find brothers, a Martian casino and finally win that coveted Martian money! With such a space-themed slot, as one would expect, aliens abound, and the main game icon is an alien! The theme is enriched with a space-age backdrop and symbols included Rocket Ships and three different coloured planets. Martian Money is a 5 pay line slot, with the first line going straight across the centre, lines 2 and 3 go above and below respectively, while line 4 goes from the top left-hand side to bottom right. Line 5 goes from bottom left-hand side of the screen to the top right. There is a wild symbol, and the maximum jackpot size is a high amount of $5,000. Players can win 1,000 coins, 1,500, 2,000 or 2,500 on the first, second, third and fourth lines. There are, in fact, six winning combinations. They are any three planets, which gives out 4 bets. Three purple planet symbols give out an additional ten bets. Three of the yellow planet symbols give out 40 stakes. Three red planet symbols gift players 60 bets. Three missile symbols grant 80 bets, and three Martian symbols provide a fantastic 1,000 coins, 1,500, 2,000 coins, 2,500, or 5,000 coins, also dependent on the coins wagered per line. Martian Money slot offers the possibilities of staking 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 coins per pay line.

Space Symbols

It is difficult to imagine how many sci-fi aliens and different representations of extraterrestrial life were created over the years. The general idea of how this game looks already exists in the comic book style. The frivolous design of the game has been applied to all of the symbols used in Martian Money. The retro rocket icon with its massive window along with a shower of blazing fire is depicted in the game. There are some really strange spheres resembling bowling balls that could either be inhabitants of the planet or unknown entities. The main hero of the game is a 3-eyed Martian with green limbs and an intelligent look. He has come to get his Martian money! The image of the Martian is the Wild symbol of the game. It can substitute any other match symbol except for the scatter icon.

Wagering in Space!

Martian Money has a brilliantly simple wagering process based on 3-reels and 5 pay lines. The coin values make up the varied betting options and start from as low as $0.25 per coin. Other coin values are $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, and a maximum of $5.00 per coin. The maximum bet is $25 per spin, and the minimum just. $0.25 consisting of one coin on one pay line. Players can stake as many as 5 coins per line, bringing the maximum bet to $125 per spin if betting all five coins at the maximum value in all the five pay lines. The Jackpot can be won if betting maximum, and the massive payout amounts to $5,000. To wager all give coins to use the Bet Max button, and for standard spins and bets, directly hit the Spin button. The highest paying game icon of Martian Money is the Martian symbol. Three Martian symbols landing on the fifth pay line will pay out the maximum 5000 coins top jackpot. The Martian symbol is also the wild so it will replace other symbols on the Martian Money slot game leading to boosted winning payouts.

Controls and Buttons

The Expert button allows players to expand the number of options offered on Martian Money slots. Plates can use the AutoPlay button to set a fixed number of automatic spins. Martian Money provides 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 or up to a max of 500 automatic turns. The timing between spins can also be set at 0, 0.25, 0.50, 0.80 and 1.50 seconds. The design of interface elements are beautifully crafted, and the style is superior to most online slots. It is consistent and corresponds to the overall theme of the game. The standard layout of the paytables and the game logo are located on the screen, with the name of the game written in letters resembling tentacles of aliens from outer space. The space beyond does not look bleak; instead, it sparkles brightly with stars and nebulae. The bright and vibrant colours of the surrounding planets and a cheerfully toned green, confirming that the game is exciting and indeed not dull. The game can be controlled using the Bet One, Bet Max and Spin buttons. These commands are known to all slot players and are similar to other slot machines.


Is there life on other planets such as Mars? Nobody knows the sure yet, but this slot gets one thinking! The humour embedded in the game will allow players to relax and take on a brilliant casino slot gaming experience. The high jackpot of $5,000 is another good reason to play Martian Money slots. The free play/practice mode is another. Players can get used to the wagering process before betting real cash. The mobile version adds to the positives of this glorious game, and it is highly recommended to give the game a spin. It might just be that one lucky spin that will win the jackpot!