Dragon Orb Slots

Dragon’s Orb slots afford players with a glimpse into a fantasy world, where the dragon reigns supreme. The mystical Orb predicts the fortune and foretells your future. The imaginary world engulfs the game like a cloak covering everything. Dragon’s Orb has 5-reels, three rows, and ten pay lines which players can wager on. While the theme is engaging, it is never too much, and in effect complements the game flow perfectly, creating an immersive, and atmospheric casino ambience.

Beating the Dragon

Dragon’s Orb offers a great variety of betting options despite only having one coin size; $0.10. Nevertheless, one can place from one to five coins on the ten pay lines, creating an acceptable limit of $5 per spin. At first glance, the game seems more suited to novices, due to the modest restrictions, however, $5 a turn is quite a lot, considering how many spins the reels can effect in a short space of time. High rollers will appreciate this fact, as it can lead to fruitful pickings where not many high rollers will be looking! The highest payout Dragon’s Orb offers is a hefty 250x your bet. If that bet was the maximum of $5, then you will have won $1,250!

Sacred Task: Magic Symbols

Your sacred task is to steal the magical Orb from the fearsome Dragon! The Wild symbol is that Orb! It can land on reels 2, 3 and 4 bringing with it bountiful prizes and exceptional gifts. Once it falls on the reels, the Wild sticks, affecting other symbols around it to create winning combinations. Once it expands, it will also activate the Free Spins round. The Orb can reappear during the free spins round to award even more free spins and additional payouts. Other game symbols include; the mighty Dragon, the Cauldron, some Candles and a Scroll, and a house with a pile of gold in front of it, which is the dragon’s lair and his hoard.

Jackpot Hoard of the Dragon

Dragon’s Orb offers a huge progressive jackpot which can mount up to a neat sum of money. There are two progressive jackpots, not one! Double the chances, and double the fun. The major jackpot is set at an initial $1,000 but quickly builds up to a lot more than that. The minor jackpot starts at a more modest $250, however, has the potential to pay out higher amounts as the pot is continually fed until it reaches a quantity bloated. When they are finally won, both jackpots reset to the base amount. Betting the maximum limit of $5 increases the chances of winning these two high paying jackpots.

Mobile Dragon’s Orb

Dragon’s Orb has a genuinely magical mobile version. Fully optimised and streamlined for mobile devices including both tablets, and smartphones, Android and iOS versions. The game can be played in downloadable form. Alternatively, Dragon’s Orb can be enjoyed in Instant Play mode, which goes perfectly with mobile gaming. No downloading means no waiting. All you do need is an internet/WiFi connection.

Dragon’s Verdict

Dragon’s Orb is a classic slot which creates a unique and pleasurable gaming experience. The bonuses and free spins are icing on the cake, the real pleasure is the straightforward flow of Dragon’s Orb, as you play. The wagering is uncomplicated and varied enough, despite the lowish maximum limit. Nevertheless, Dragon’s Orb does create a unique environment conducive to wagering and winning. Discover the magic of the Dragon, steal his Orb and claim the Dragon’s treasure from his hoard. This is gaming at its most endearing and enduring.