Super Diamond Mine Slots

Super Diamond Mine is a rare and precious slot game which offers players the chance to delve deep into the mine of mystery in search of precious stones and metals hidden within. The gameplay is based on classic slots with lots of traditional game icons appearing on the reels. With Exploding reels and a secret, hidden bonus round players are spoilt for choice when it comes to bonuses and unique features. Super Diamond Mine Slots offers an unmissable adventure in search of glory and riches in superb surroundings and an atmospheric theme engulfing the game from start to finish.

Entering the Diamond Mine

The game controls and wagering process flow like a river, smooth and fast. There are the usual 5-reels, three rows, and nine pay lines. Coin sizes are suitably varied, starting from just $0.01 per coin, rising to a more substantial $5, per coin, which means the minimum bet on all the pay lines is $0.09, and the upper limit is a high $45 per spin. The variance will attract high rollers and newcomers as well.

Diamond Jackpot

Super Diamond Mine has a high paying jackpot, which can be won if players are betting maximum coin values on all the pay lines. The jackpot prize amounts to an astonishing $250,000! To win the jackpot, players will need to get all five Mine Entrance symbols. Betting maximum limits increases the probabilities of claiming the jackpot.

Diamond Symbol of Power

The Diamond symbol is the one to watch out for. The more of them that land on the reels, the more points you will gain. Furthermore, it is your key to enter the bonus round. Once your tally reaches 99 Diamonds, the bonus round is triggered. During the initial stages of the bonus round, a gnome blasts his way out of the Diamond mine. The heralds the beginning of the round, with a new screen opening up especially for the bonus round. Players are faced with a new mine, with multiple entrances and exits, essentially a Pick Me feature. Behind each entrance doorway, players will find cash gifts. However, one door will cause an explosion, destroying the mine and ending the bonus round.

Mobile Super Diamond Mine

It had to happen, and it did. Super Diamond Mine has a mobile version which can be played on all modern tablets, and smartphones, both iOS and Android versions. Furthermore, Super Diamond Mine can be enjoyed in Instant Play mode, or in the downloadable version, giving players a real choice. The mainstay, the PC version of the game is impeccable.


Super Diamond Mine is an entertaining and fun slot, with great casino features that transform the game into something special. The theme is classic, the symbols also, with the likes of Bars, Sevens and similarly traditional game icons. The most important thing is that Super Diamond Mine pays out quite frequently, which adds to the intensity and excitement. Try out a premium slot; Super Diamond Mine. Delve deep, and you could come up trumps! Don’t forget the great jackpot either!