Kung Fu Rooster Slots

An unusual premise; a fighting rooster performing Kung Fu! Funnily enough, Kung Fu Rooster does work. The theme is bright and amusing, with the gambling action dependable and creative. The graphics and sound effects are also outstanding. Kung Fu Rooster slots can be enjoyed on a mobile device; tablet or smartphone, both iOS and Android devices. Additionally, the game offers a downloadable or Instant Play modes. The Far East has endured as a place of legend, and, of course, Kung Fu, which originated in China. Let’s delve into the pleasures of the Far East and experience an exceptional gaming experience.

Wagering on the Rooster

Kung Fu Rooster has five reels, three rows and 12 pay lines upon which to wager. The coin values start from as low as; $0.01 per coin. Betting minimum coin values on all the 12 pay lines sets you back by just $0.12 per spin. The betting limit can increase to a modest $3 per spin. It may seem like a low amount, but if you spin the reels ten times in a minute, that's $30.

Kung Fu Symbols & Far Eastern Backdrop

The Chicken, or Rooster is the symbol of power. There is the Rooster’s sidekick and trusted companion, the Monkey, who can win you 25 Free Spins with his magical powers. The backdrop is full of Kung Fu symbolism and Far Eastern flair. From cherry blossoms to martial arts weapons.

Monkey Bonus

Landing three Monkey symbols on the reels will activate the superb bonus round. The Monkey needs to land on the first reel, and may also appear on reels 3, 4, and 5. The Fire Claw feature may arise during this round, and if it does, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The Fire Claw feature multiplies the wins according to the line, so the first line pays out 1x, the second line 2x, and so on. The Monkey will not land on the reels during the round, so there’s no chance it will be re-triggered.


Although Kung Fu Rooster offers a relatively low upper betting limit, it has many redeeming factors. Firstly, it can pay out quite frequently. Varying the wagering, and betting maximum increased the probabilities of winning, so take advantage of the low limit to bet maximum limits often. The theme is never too overpowering, on the contrary, it blends well with the wagering process and casino gambling. The symbols add colour and enrich the graphics and gameplay. Kung Fu Rooster is one hell of an entertaining game; it pushes all the buttons that casino players love, bonuses, action, speed and an immersive atmosphere. The Fire Claw Multiplier springs to mind as an innovative feature that adds tremendously to the gaming experience. Enter the Far East with Kung Fu Rooster, and the chicken will kick his way to the maximum payout and a whole lot of fun, games and Kung Fu fighting!