Small Fortune Slots

Small Fortune is a big deal! The slot promises much excitement. The question is; does the game deliver? 5-reels, three rows, and 25 pay lines. All the beauty of the countryside is here in all its grace and glory. So too are the game icons that appear on the reels during play. You will find insects, wildlife, fauna and flora, and a lot more besides. Small Fortune delivers big gifts in the form of excellence casino features. They are all here, in all their splendour, and majesty! From hog paying progressive jackpots, generous multipliers, Wilds, Scatters and Free Spins. Every feature has been carefully crafted and designed to provide an online casino slot like no other.

Symbols of the Wild

Small Fortune provides individually crafted and designed game symbols that will appear on the reels, during spins. Expect to find cute icons such as; ants, butterflies, a picnic basket, wine, various fruits, and more besides. You will also find toasted sandwiches, cheese, lemonade and pie, pancakes, watermelon, and a salad bowl There are, in fact, no less than ten different game symbols, with three unique bonus symbols. The Ant and the Picnic Basket are Wilds! The other logo to watch out the is the high-paying Pie symbol, which pays out 1,250 times the wager if players land all five of them on the reels.

Fortunate Wagering Options & Game Controls

Small Fortune also delivers big on wagering options. The game controls are intuitive and easy to use. They afford players complete control over the wagering process. The Spin button stays the game, and the coin sizes can be selected using the Up, and Down Arrows. There is a useful and convenient AutoPlay button, which allows the setting of a number of spins, while the player can sit back a watch in comfort. The 5-reels, coupled with the 25 pay lines are there for wagering, and provide real variety, especially when matched with the coin values. Coin values start at $0.01, per coin, increasing to a maximum value of $0.25 per coin. That creates a minimum bet, wagering on all 25 pay lines, of $0.25 per spin. On the other hand, the maximum bet allowed is $6.25, betting maximum coin values on all the pay lines.

Free Games & Bonuses

Your key to the free games round lies with the special game symbols. The Ant icon can land on reels 1 and 5. The Picnic Basket lands on reels 2, 3 and 4. Furthermore, each Picnic Basket you get will award 5 Free Games, and a multiplier, which depends on the number of Ants that appear in the triggering combination.

Minor & Major Jackpots

Both minor, and major jackpots are triggered randomly, so all players are in with a chance. Having said that, betting maximum coin values and amounts increase the probabilities of claiming either of them. The jackpot amounts are displayed on the top of the screen, with the minor, and major on the left and right of the screen. Scatter symbols pay out up to 250 times the wager, a massive jackpot with a max bet.

Mobile Fortune

Small Fortune is available as a mobile version, which works on tablets, and smartphones, both iOS and Android versions. The game can be downloaded; alternatively, it can be enjoyed in Instant Play mode, which is the epitome of convenience and comfort due to the freedom the medium offers.


With a demo version on offer, players can play for fun, until getting used to it, and wagering real money. The symbols are cute and cuddly but make no mistake, and this is no child’s game. The wagering is hot and furious, with multiple chances presenting themselves to the daring players who attempt to win the jackpot and stick it out. Both the mobile and PC versions deliver a lovely gaming experience, with graphics and the best qualities for the slot game pushed to the forefront. The wagering and game thematics blend smoothly to create a pleasurable and entertaining gaming experience. Discover the magic of Small Fortune slots, and try out for one of the two progressive jackpots! It might just be your lucky day!