Slots Jungle Slots

Slots Jungle is a virtual paradise of bonuses, free spins, red-hot casino features and so much more. The game incorporates three separate bonus rounds and two progressive jackpots! There is indeed no shortage of action playing Slots Jungle slots. The animated animal character symbols create a unique and wild jungle atmosphere. You will find a smooth wagering experience, encompassing high and low limits to suit all player types. The mobile version of Slots Jungle slots is streamlined and fully optimised for exceptional a mobile gaming experience.

Jungle Symbols

The game symbols used in Slots Jungle include a wide variety of wild animals including; a Crocodile, a Hippo, a Zebra, the king of the jungle; the Lion, a Monkey, and a majestic Toucan. Besides, there is a briefcase, and Jungle Trees icons, along with high card values. The card symbols include numbers 9 and 10, as well as letters J, Q, K, and A. The jungle sounds and effects complement the theme and general gameplay, yet the animal icons are the stars of the show!

Jungle Free Spins Feature

The key to entering the free spins round lies with the golden Egg icon. Landing two, or more will trigger the round proper, heralded appropriately with suitable music change, and the reels will start to spin on their own. Players can win up to 30 Free Spins, with the message bar on the screen displaying your remaining free spins balance. Landing two golden Egg icons pay out 2 Free Spins. Getting three golden Eggs gives players 5 Free Spins. Four of them will pay out 9 Free Spins, and landing all five symbols creates a payout of 30 Free Spins! The free spins can also be reactivated during the round itself, creating even more chances.

Tucan & Monkey Bonuses

When the Toucan flies onto the screen, that means you have won the Toucan Bonus, and you have accessed the round. One Tucan gives players an additional 30 seconds of play, where one can guide the Toucan, as it flies around the jungle collecting prizes and bonuses. The Toucan can be controlled so that it can glide down, touching as many casino chips as possible, as they all count towards a winning payout. The Toucan symbol only appears if all the pay lines are being used. Two Monkey icons will trigger the Monkey Bonus round, where players get to click on Monkey symbols to pick up as many points as possible in the short time frame available. 30 seconds of playing time will enable players to pick up as many as 5 points, with the minimum being 2 points in 10 seconds. Once again, to activate the Monkey Bonus round, players will have to be wagering on all the pay lines.

Briefcase Bonus & Progressive Jackpot

Getting two, or more Briefcase icons activates the Briefcase Bonus. Players choose briefcases in the hope of hitting a lucrative prize. In effect, the animals will open the briefcases players chosen. The number of briefcases players pick up will correspond with the number of picks they receive. The Briefcase Bonus round is the key to the kingdom, as it can activate a winning progressive jackpot, and throw a free $20 cash prize in for good measure. The minor jackpot can be won by landing all five Silver Egg symbols, and it amounts to $10,000! The principal, progressive jackpot habitually reaches pinnacles of one million credits! Players will need to be betting on all the pay lines to access this round.

Verdict of Slots Jungle

Slots Jungle delivers an animalistic and extreme gaming experience. The betting options are extensive and broad-ranging, which means players will be attracted to the game. The coinage and pay lines assure players of a supreme wagering process, which is surrounded by the immersive, and atmospheric theme. There are multiple chances to win, with great unique features and the progressive jackpot contributing considerably to the finished product, which you now hold in your hand. Discover the magic of Slots Jungle, and it may just change your life.