Aladdin's Wishes Slots

Aladdin’s Wishes slots is a premium game that seeps of quality, adventure, and exceptional casino gameplay. With a distinctive style based on the tale of Aladdin and the magic lamp. The game has 5-reels and 20 pay lines upon which to wager. Rubbing the lamp three times ensures the genie appears and grants a wish. The person has a total of three wishes, which the genie must grant. The idea behind the game comes from this timeless, legendary hero; Aladdin, and his three wishes. Enter Aladdin’s magic cave, take a trip on the magic carpet, let’s find that lamp, and get those wishes! Aladdin is joined by his sidekick Jasmine and a chattering Monkey.

Magical Symbols

One of the first things players will notice is the bountiful and beautiful symbols that appear on the reels. They add colour and a touch of magical humour to the game. Players will find icons such as; a Magic Lamp, a flying carpet, Arabian Swords, various weapons, precious stones, valuable metals including gold, and similarly themed icons. The Wild symbol is the titular hero Aladdin. Landing the Wild on the reels adds chances to win. The Wild replaces other standard symbols to create winning combinations for players. The Scatter is the only symbol the Wild cannot replace. If the Wild lands on reels 2, 3 or 4, any wins come with a 2x multiplier! The Scatter is represented by the Magic Genie’s Lamp. Landing three Scatters transports players to the bonus round.

Bonus Free Spins & Progressive Jackpots

Once the bonus game is activated with the Scatters, players are given a choice of five Magic Lamps to choose from. Players need to pick the winning lamp, which contains 25 Free Spins! Other prizes range from 2x to 100x multipliers! What’s more, this feature can be reactivated during the round itself. Landing three Scatter symbols increases the winnings considerably. Besides the bonuses and free spins, Aladdin’s Wishes slots has an excellent and incredibly generous progressive jackpot. Betting maximum limits increases the chances of claiming the pot, and it can be won randomly, so everyone has a chance.

Wagering Options & Payouts

Aladdin’s Wishes offers an exquisite range of betting options. Mostly down to the set up of 5-reels, with 20 pay lines for wagering, the coin values contribute to the variety. These start from $0.01 per coin, rising to $0.25 per coin. The maximum bet is a respectable $5 per spin, betting the maximum coin value on all 20 of the pay lines. The highest payout Aladdin’s Wishes offers is a decent 50,000 coins! Betting maximum coin values creates an impressive payout of $12,500! Betting the maximum limit of $5 per spin attracts more substantial wins, and activates the progressive jackpot easier.

Mobile Aladdin

Aladdin’s Wishes has a super streamlined, mobile version of the game. Seeing as more and more players are choosing this medium as their number one choice, then it is apt that the mobile version of Aladdin’s Wishes is a super-streamlined version, with all the advantages the medium offers. Whether using a tablet or a smartphone, whether iOS or Android, Aladdin’s Wishes will work wonderfully on a mobile device, bringing out all the better qualities of the game.


Aladdin’s Wishes has everything going for it. The bonuses are supreme, the symbols engaging, the game flows smoothly on, attracting wins as the reels spin on. Aladdin’s Wishes is an engaging game. The wagering range is not that wide, yet a maximum bet of $5 per spin is no small amount. The game adds colour, variety and a sense of adventure while being played. It is delightful playing Aladdin’s Wishes, and it can also be a rewarding one. Go for the progressive jackpot if you want to win some serious cash. Otherwise, just enjoy the game, and the frequent, if modest payouts will reward you.