Food Fight Slots

Food Fight slots is an action-packed game with high octane casino gambling. There are 9 pay lines, 5-reels, for wagering purposes and the game flow. There is a humorous air about the game, but don’t let that fool you! With a top netting limit of $100 per spin, Food Fight slots can make you rich! The food theme is pretty impressive and amusing, and it fits the wagering process like a hand in glove. The nine pay lines may seem limited at first glance, yet the wagering is slick and varied to attract all kinds of players to the fold and to try out the fight.

Wagering on the Fight Food Fight slots

Let’s start with the choice of betting options, shall we? The coin sizes begin from as low as $0.01 per coin, rising to $5 per coin. The minimum wager is just $0.01, while the top limit increases to a much higher amount of $100! So novices and high rollers alike can enjoy the gambling process.

Progressive Jackpot Fight

Food Fight incorporates a progressive jackpot and a standard one. The progressive jackpot can be won randomly, at the end of each spin. Betting maximum coin limits and amounts increase the probabilities of claiming it. The pot amount varies as players contribute towards it as they play Food Fight. Once it is won, it resets to a base amount, then starts increasing again, and the process repeats itself indefinitely. To qualify for the progressive jackpot, players will need to be wagering maximum coin values. The standard jackpot can be won by landing five Ice Cream Bowl symbols on all the reels. The payout is a healthy and high amount of 6,250 coins, worth a cool $31,250 if players are betting maximum they coin value of $5 per coin. Playing less than maximum coins still entails good payouts of between 1,000 and 4,000 coins, so everyone wins.

Edible Symbols

Food Fight is full of cute, edible symbols that appear on the reels during regular play. They include; a hamburger, ice cream, a pie, some pepperoni pizza, a plate of spaghetti, and a tomato, chocolate pudding, meatballs, cherry pies and cream pies. Warning: If you are hungry, don’t play this game! The food is mouthwatering and appetising, and if you play with an empty stomach, you could feel nauseous! The symbols blend perfectly with the overall theme, landing a touch of humour and a heavy dosage of colours.

Juicy Payouts

Besides the ice as mentioned above cream bowl symbol payout of 6,250 coins, second online is spaghetti and meatballs symbol, which pays out 3,500 coins for landing five symbols. Players will receive 1,250 coins for getting five cherry icons on the reels. Players can win up to 21 combinations of symbols and payouts, starting from two of a kind on selected symbols.

Ice Cream Scatter Bonus

The Ice Cream Scatter bonus is one of two bonus rounds. Players will need to land the Ice Cream Cone, Ice Cream, and Ice Cream Toppings Symbols on the reels. Players are then awarded a juicy multiplier and additional prizes. The triggered bet will be 405 coins!

Food Fight Bonus

The second bonus round is the Food Fight Bonus Round. This round pays out better than the first bonus round. In effect, players can win up to 3,960 coins! Winning the round will entail getting an Ice Cream symbol on the first reel, the Scatter bowl symbol on the third reel, and the Cherry symbol on reel five. Players are then taken to a fresh screen and second stage. Here players need to pick targets that reveal prizes hidden beneath. Players can continue picking and winning prizes until they come up blank.

Mobile Food Fighting

Food Fight has an awe-inspiring mobile version of the game. Streamlined and optimised especially for mobile devices; tablets and smartphones, both iOS and Android versions. Food Fight is available in downloadable form or can be played in Instant Play mode for additional convenience and freedom.

Summary of Food Fight

Food Fight slots is a real handful to play. It is entertaining, and the choice of wagering options are vast. The theme envelopes the game with a pleasant and pleasing theme, which is both atmospheric and immersive at the same time. The mobile version is smooth and intuitive to use, and players can benefit from the advantages of mobile gaming. Food Fight slots is a high volatility slot, yet the low minimum limit also allows novices to enjoy the game. Discover the beauty of a Food Flight and the payouts that can be won.