5Dimes Bitcoin

5Dimes offers Bitcoin as its preferred payment solution and makes it very easy for players to make deposits or withdrawals from their account using the cryptocurrency. Many people aren’t familiar with the payment method yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good reliable solution for sending money around. If you are interested in getting the most out of your experience at the casino, using Bitcoin is a good place to start.

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that lets everyone send and receive anonymous payments around the world. Money is held in virtual wallets, and the solution makes it easy to move money from one wallet to another lightning quick.

Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

Bitcoin is well-known as a speedy payment solution. You can deposit money and start playing the same day, or withdraw it and have it the same day or the next with this quick payment solution. That’s why it’s quickly becoming the preferred method of payment for online gamblers.

Highly Secure

Bitcoin is one of the most secure payment solutions available today as well, making it a very safe tool for funding your gambling account. You can send and receive money online, without ever letting anyone know your information in the process. That’s the power of the cryptocurrency.

Low Cost Solution

Bitcoin is a highly affordable payment solution for online gambling and other purchases because there is no set fee at all. You’re free to pay a small fee to get your deposit or withdrawal processed faster, but you can have the money moved without paying a fee as well. The choice is up to you, and it’s possible to deposit or withdraw money from your casino account without spending any money at all to do so using Bitcoin.

Getting Started

To get started with Bitcoin you simply have to create a free wallet, which you can do in mere moments, and then you have to fund it. To fund your wallet you’ll need to use one of the many Bitcoin exchanges out there and give the exchange your wallet information as well as a payment solution to send real money to your Bitcoin account. Once you do that and your wallet is funded, you can use that Bitcoin to deposit money into your 5Dimes account and to make other online purchases as well.

Widely Accepted

Bitcoin was once a cutting edge payment solution, but it’s gaining in popularity around the world and quickly becoming a serious payment method that people and businesses are relying on. That means, if you go through the trouble of setting up your own Bitcoin wallet, you can use it for other purchases online and to move money around easily as well. It’s not just a solution for online gambling, and it’s technology that’s good to understand as a modern consumer or business owner. Give Bitcoin a try at 5Dimes casino and become more familiar with the technology and just what it can do for you. If you start making use of Bitcoin you’ll be impressed with how quickly you can complete deposits into your account or withdraw money out of it. It’s simple to do and you won’t spend much doing it either. Bitcoin is a high quality payment method and highly recommended.